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(For Additional Information See our What Causes CVS, Vision Concerns, and What Can Be Done pages.)

An Introduction by World-Renowned Optometrist Doctor Stuart Grant, O.D.

Computer Eyes"As a Los Angeles area Optometrist, I’ve examined hundreds of patients complaining of eye strain, headaches, fatigue, blurred vision and neck pain while working on their computer during prolonged periods use. I prescribed hundreds of eye glasses designed to be worn only when working on a computer to help reduce vision strain associated with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

The problem became so prevalent; I created Computer Eyes to make the benefits of computer glasses available and affordable to anyone using a computer. Studies on prolonged use of a computer have shown that the constant effort needed to focus near objects on a computer monitor and to sustain that focus can cause accommodative spasms, in which the focusing muscles lock into position and the eyes won't relax easily. This can lead to increased myopia (nearsightedness) or pseudo-myopia (a temporary nearsighted condition). Pseudo-myopia is when you look up and it takes awhile to focus in, the eyes are locked at near focus and won't relax easily. This condition can take hours or days to relax the eye to focus. In rare situations, this condition can become permanent. Computer Glasses prevent this focusing problem.

I designed and manufacture Computer Eyes to be the same high quality computer glasses you would be prescribed from an Optometrist. I want every computer user to have access to affordable high quality computer glasses. Wearing Computer Eyes or any computer glasses is highly recommended to reduce the negative effects that Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) has on our eyesight.

This education center is designed to help the computer user understand the visual effects and demands the computer screen has on our eyes."

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)- Definition & Information You Can Use

Computer Vision SyndromeExtensive viewing of a computer may cause bothersome symptoms in adults as well as children such as eyestrain, headaches, focusing difficulties, blurred vision, tired eyes, aching eyes, dry eyes, red eyes, double vision, light sensitivity and neck and shoulder pain.  These symptoms, when associated with computer use, are collectively referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

For more information about the symptoms and problems associated with CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome), please visit our page on What Causes CVS, CVS Vision Concerns, or see What Can Be Done about CVS.

Comparable computer glasses from an Optometrist cost hundreds of dollars. Dr. Grant's innovative new manufacturing process allows us to produce Computer Eyes at a fraction of the cost, making it affordable to everyone who uses a computer!

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